LRPA has broad based experience with real property issues.  On behalf of various major development clients involving multiple acres of land, LRPA routinely develops and drafts documents creating rights-of-way, easements and licenses.  In conjunction with its representation of political subdivisions, LRPA's Attorneys regularly review and prepare comprehensive plans, road easements, fire and access standards.  

In addition, LRPA has pioneered the use of photogrammetric techniques for developing legal descriptions.   LRPA works with clients to prepare quitclaim deeds, replacement deeds, correction deeds, warranty deeds, joint tenancy deeds with the right of survivorship and special warranty deeds.  We also regularly review and prepare title documents in real property and complex finance transactions for individuals, banks and corporate entities.

LRPA's Attorneys provide clients with legal assistance with their real estate transactions including due diligence reports, title searches, quiet title suits, condemnation, subdivision planning, and zoning concerns.