LRPA Attorneys are well-versed in issues involving Indian jurisdiction and the allocation of resources among and between Indian and Pueblo lands from the nature and scope of federal legislation creating federal projects on Indian land to water rights claims and entitlements. Each Indian or Pueblo sovereign brings with it a long history of water use as well as a water philosophy.  These philosophies highlight the complex interplay between state law based water rights and federal based water rights for Indian tribes arising from both aboriginal title and reserved water rights.  

LRPA's experience includes:

Providing advice to clients on the Navajo Indian Irrigation Project ("NIIP") Settlement

Representing the State of Oklahoma in Indian water rights litigation resulting in a Settlement

Working with various clients and water rights stakeholders in the Aamodt Adjudication and implementation of the Aamodt Settlement including the Pueblos of Pojoaque, Nambe and Tesuque in Northern New Mexico. 

Assisting clients in the Zuni Basin Adjudication involving individuals, municipalities, state and federal entities, an acequia association and two Indian Tribes.