LRPALaw & Resource Planning Associates, P.C. (LRPA) is a full service New Mexico based law firm with a national and international presence.    

LRPA's unique legal talent and experience lie in the areas of natural resource, water and environmental law and related litigation.  As an "AV" rated firm, LRPA enjoys Martindale–Hubbell's highest rating.

LRPA's Attorneys and Staff are committed to providing legal services specifically tailored to each Client's individual needs.  LRPA employs a multidisciplinary approach in providing legal services. To this end, Clients' legal issues are analyzed simultaneously from both a legal and technical perspective.  Our experience with this blended approach consistently results in issue-narrowing, comprehensive strategizing, and anticipation of rebuttal needs - all of which translate into faster and more efficient problem solving and Client cost savings.

While many of our Clients are based in New Mexico and neighboring States, LRPA works with entities throughout the United States and in developing countries in support of their natural resource initiatives.