The Firm is well-versed in its knowledge of state statutes relating to municipal affairs, including the laws relating to the purchase of goods and services, contracting, labor, employment, water law, land use, bond, and environmental and traffic issues.  LRPA’s substantial experience in governmental affairs places LRPA among New Mexico’s leaders in providing legal services to various municipalities and political subdivisions.

On behalf of various Clients, LRPA routinely performs the following Municipal Law matters:

  • Contract Law Drafting contracts, leases, agreements, deeds, resolutions that may involve equipment leases, material leases, easements, licenses, permits, rights-of way and federal and state contracting.
  • Property Law  Representing municipal interests with regard to the acquisition and disposition of real property, including exchanges of land, preparation of title opinions, review of grant proposals, subdivision planning, platting, zoning and annexation.
  • Strategic Planning  Advising municipalities on strategic planning issues, such as long-term water supply, acquisition of water rights, planning and zoning issues, preparation of ordinances, drafting rules and regulations for airport usage, and preparation of joint powers agreements with other political subdivisions.
  • Tort Law Representation Assisting municipalities with breach of contract issues, condemnation cases, quiet title cases, boundary disputes, property damage cases, flooding, drowning and other tort matters.
  • Insurance Claims  Representing municipal interests in liability matters being defended by attorneys representing the City’s insurers.
  • Criminal Law  Prosecuting criminal matters, including DUI, assault and battery cases, collection of lodgers’ and gross receipts taxes, traffic violations, possession of illegal substances, animal control cases, violations of municipal ordinances, and other criminal matters.
  • Employer – Employee  Providing legal assistance with EEOC compliance and worker’s compensation matters as they relate to municipal employment issues, including the preparation and interpretation of employment contracts, personnel manuals, and legal advice regarding complaints against municipal employees and assistance with recommendations on the hiring, promoting, training and discipline of employees as requested.
  • Legislation and the Legislative Process  Assisting lobbyists, councils, mayors, chief executive officers and board of directors in drafting legislation at the State and Federal level including providing testimony at legislative committee hearings.
  • Bonds, Tax Law and Special Assessment Districts Providing legal assistance with General Obligation and Revenue Bonds, Industrial Revenue Bonds, Pollution Control Revenue Bonds, Utility Bonds, and special assessment and improvement districts including the Tax Improvement District Act (“TIDD”).