LRPA's Attorneys are well-versed in all aspects of Corporate & Commerical Law including the drafting of complex agreements, leases, construction contracts and resolutions.  LRPA's experience includes drafting contracts with municipalities, counties, and state and federal agencies including, inter alia, contracts relating to the use of water, establishing boundaries for real estate, utility costs and bonding agreements.  

LRPA's Attorneys negotiated and drafted Joint Powers Agreements ("JPAs") between Sunland Park, Dona Ana County and Verde Realty creating the Camino Real Water Utility Authority, which provides water and wastewater service for southern New Mexico along the Lower Rio Grande. The Firm regularly drafts JPAs between political subdivisions like the MRGCD, the City of Albuquerque, Bureau of Reclamation and Corps of Engineers.

LRPA negotiated and drafted the multi-million dollar contract between the State of New Mexico and CS Cattle Company for the purchase of Eagle Nest Dam & Reservoir, an environmental jewel in Northern New Mexico that resulted in State Park jurisdiction over this natural resource.

In recent years, because of LRPA's specialized knowledge of inter-governmental finance law, LRPA was retained as special counsel for New Mexico   

LRPA prepares all financial documents relating to preparation of security interests in water rights, mineral interests and related financing statements, reviews subdivision disclosures, evaluates loan documents, bond related documentation, applications for bond and related debt and equity financing, disclosures relating to initial public offerings.

The Firm's Attorneys broad-based experience assisting Clients with negotiating and drafting:

    Joint Powers Agreements

    Option Agreements

    Facility & Procedures Agreements

    Land Exchange Agreements

    Water Service Agreements

    Replacement Water Agreements

    Surface Use and Damage Agreements

    Bulk Water Sales Agreements

    License Agreements

    Easements and Rights-of-Way Agreements

    Municipal Infrastructure Agreements